Save thousands of dollars a year for your race organization or charity, and grow your race by using RaceWire for online registration
RaceWire was started with the goal of saving races and their charities money. By combining industry leading race specific online registration software and disposable chip timing, we've perfected our system. We are based in Boston and SoCal, so we time events on both coasts, but there is a big world in-between, and we want to spread our mission. We came up with the below offering to save your race money and grow your event by being your online registration provider.

We've been down in the trenches at thousands of races, so we know what it's like to be in your shoes (alarm clock going off at 2:00 AM on race morning - yeah, we feel you). Each race is different, and we learn something new every weekend. We continually update RaceWire with tools specific and valuable to race directors, and we keep the things you don’t need off of our site. Sure, there are bigger online registration sites out there, but RaceWire was made by race directors for race directors and this makes our product the best choice for your race. Let's go through just a few reasons why.
Free bib numbers
Completely customizable, full-color printed bibs shipped directly to your door. Add your logo, sponsor logos, wording or even ticket tear-offs. Bibs can cost $0.20 - $0.30 each, and if your race is several hundred big, that can add up fast. We will get you them for free (just with shipping!)

Professional email design
If you are using a paid email tool, you know that you can spend thousands of dollars a year to stay in touch with your contact list. We know the importance of communicating with your current runners, and with RaceWire's new free HTML email tool, all of the money you save can be put toward your charitable organization, post-race party or back into your pocket.

For those of you that aren't familiar with an email marketing system, you'll be able to design and customize a professional and personalized email blast to send to your contacts in just a few minutes. We will supply you with some basic templates, or you can create and save your own. You can upload images, add columns and include whatever text you'd like.
Why RaceWire you ask? If you weren’t the free race bibs, the free race photos and the free HTML emailer, you’ll love our team. We’re runners. We’re race directors. We’re graphic designers. We’re printers. We’re timers. We wear so many hats (just like you), and most of all, we understand what you need. Our eager staff is always available to lend a helping hand. Our business model has convinced thousands of race directors to take the plunge, so give us a call and let us help grow your event, save you money and so much more.
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